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IVAT’s Office Rooms for Daily Rental

The Institute of High Voltage and High Current (IVAT) offers the following rooms for daily rental:

Photograph Room Daily rental rate
IVAT Discussion Room IVAT’s Discussion Room

(accommodates up to 7 persons)

Normal: RM 200.00

UTM’s staff: RM 190.00

UTM’s students: RM 170.00

IVAT Meeting Room IVAT’s Meeting Room

(accommodates up to 15 persons)

Normal: RM 300.00

UTM’s staff: RM 276.00

UTM’s students: RM 246.00

IVAT Seminar Room IVAT’s Seminar Room

(accommodates up to 30 persons (with tables) or 100 persons (without tables))

Normal: RM 350.00

UTM’s staff: RM 227.50

UTM’s students: RM 175.00

For more details, please contact IVAT (E-mail: ivat@fke.utm.my; Tel: +60-7-5535615; Website: http://ivat.utm.my/).

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