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  • Robocon Malaysia 2018

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    For more info please visit https://roboconmalaysia2018.my

  • Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) for Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical – Mechatronics)

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    The Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) are statements that describe the expected graduates’ achievements after a few years of graduation.  Table 1 shows the educational objectives for the programmes offered by Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) and its targets of achievement.


    Table 1: Programme educational objectives and the targets


    FKE has set a five (5) year period after graduation for the assessment of PEO achievement.  Alumni Survey and Employer Survey are two indirect assessments that have been used to measure the achievement of PEOs.  The Employer Survey is meant to obtain feedbacks from the industries on performance of our alumni with respect to the PEOs whereas Alumni Survey is meant to get info about the alumni’s professional development.


  • FKE Students Won in The Great Lab (TGL) 2017

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    JOHOR BAHRU, 25 November 2017 – The Great Lab (TGL) is a student-led initiative to gather industrial problem statements from science, technology and engineering companies, and challenge all Malaysians to solve them. This has been initiated by Collaborative Research in Engineering Science and Technology (CREST). A group of student from FKE has won the Grand Design Challenge in the event.


    The team comprised 5 FKE students, namely, Jason Lim Ji Chen, Teh Zhi Huei, Chin Linn Kern, Chin Hung Wei and Tay Yee Yang, with Dr Yeong Che Fai acting as the team’s advisor.

  • FKE Student Team won IOT Hack UTM 2017

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    JOHOR BAHRU, 23 November 2017 – An FKE student team has won the grand prize for the degree category at the IOT Hack UTM 2017. The winning team, named ‘RD360’ won the judges over with their product called “MESO”, which functions as a machinery diagnosis and predictive maintenance system. 


    The team comprised 5 FKE students, namely, Jason Lim Ji Chen, Teh Zhi Huei, Chin Linn Kern, Chin Hung Wei and Tay Yee Yang, with Dr Yeong Che Fai acting as the team’s advisor.
    IOT Hack UTM 2017 is a competition organised by UTM Centre For Student Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship (UTMXCITE) and is to fuel the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among UTM students.

    The competition took place beginning in early October 2017 where each team was given a one-and-a-half-month period to produce products or services that deployed the ‘Internet of Things’ elements (IoT). Additionally, they also need to emphasize the aspects of product availability or services developed for the market. Each team has been evaluated in terms of products or services, the technology used and the readiness of the product in the market.

    A total of 13 teams have competed in the semi-finals where only 6 teams have been selected to the final. All teams participating in the program consist of Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FKM), Faculty of Computer (FC), Faculty of Bioscience and Medicine (FBME) and Faculty of Architecture (FAB). The teams are RD 360, Ad Libitum, Tensor Flow, Xenon, Chloring and SecurSightLine. However, based on Augmented Reality Predictive Maintenance System, MESO successfully to bring RD 360 team to achieved as the champion of the IOT Competition 2017.

    With the high degree of the data analysis on cloud based on the real-time industry machinery data, MESO can helps the industry practitioner in diagnosis and predictive faults maintenance. And, the Remote Augmented Reality Maintenance System function significantly ease the technicians and vendor in troubleshooting machinery problem and increase the efficiency. Thus, in the Revolution of Industry 4.0, MESO will definitely play an outstanding role in the future industry.

  • Technical Talk by GES Manufacturing Services (M) Sdn Bhd

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    FKE, UTM Johor, 10 April 2017 – Technical Talk by GES manufacturing Services (M) Sdn Bhd at FKE on EE manufacturing and Career Opportunity.

    Participants: All final year SKEM students
    Speakers: Mr Ng Yaw Wah and Mr Richard Lim

    whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-09-02-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-56-04-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-09-01-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-56-03-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-56-02-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-20-12-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-20-10-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-20-09-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-09-06-pm1 whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-09-05-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-09-06-pm whatsapp-image-2017-04-10-at-12-09-04-pm

  • UTM bangunkan Sistem Fertigasi Pertanian Jimat Air

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    JOHOR BAHRU, 9 Mac 2016 – Para penyelidik dari Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) telah berjaya menghasilkan satu sistem Fertigasi Moden yang membolehkan penggunaan air secara optimum dalam sektor pertanian.


    Dr. Mohamad Shukri menunjukkan buah rockmelon sihat yang terhasil dengan penggunaan teknologi ‘Water Saving Argiculture’ yang dibangunkannya.


    Alat Pengesan Kelembapan yang dipasang dalam rumah tanaman berfungsi untuk memberikan arahan kepada pam di tangki supaya menyalurkan baja dan air mengikut keperluan kelembapan yang dikesan melalui Alat Pengesan Cuaca.

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  • Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Thermoelectronic Power Harvesting

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    Thermoelectric devices are commonly composed of a bismuth-tellurium compound which is expensive and have limited resource. Alternatively, silicon, a semiconductor may be a prominent material in thermoelectric devices. However, high thermal conductivity in bulk Si affects the thermo-electric efficiency. On the contrary, the nanostructured Si i.e. nanowires can be used in enhancing thermoelectric properties.


    Researchers from Process Tomography Research Group & Instrumentation (PROTOM-i), the research arm of UTM Faculty of Electrical Engineering in their research, investigate the performance of Silicon Nanowire Arrays (SiNWAs) and bulk Si material as thermoelectric power.

    SiNWAs as an element in power harvesters utilize green technology in which there are solid-state parts that are able to increase the longevity of a power harvesting device, while its non-toxic, emissions-free and noiseless characteristics encourage a healthier environment. Inexpensive and commonly found silicon material, and a simple fabrication technique without any requirement of expensive tools to build SiNWAs power harvesting device promote economic advantages to the manufacturers and end-consumers.


    a) Fabricated device with copper sheets attached (left); and close-up FESEM image of SiNWAs (right). b) The thermal image at each layers of the device (i.e. top Cu sheet, Si and bottom Cu sheet)

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  • Free Seminar on Collaborative Robots (With Demo) by Universal Robots, Singapore

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    FREE Seminar on Universal Robot at FKE on 14th Feb 2017. Co-organised between Universal Robot (UR) Singapore and FKE UTM.

    whatsapp-image-2017-02-14-at-1-20-55-pm whatsapp-image-2017-02-14-at-1-20-54-pm whatsapp-image-2017-02-14-at-1-20-53-pm whatsapp-image-2017-02-14-at-1-20-55-pm2

  • Sesi Perkongsian Ilmu (Penyelidikan dan Pertanian)

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    Knowledge Sharing Session (Research and Agriculture)

    Kumpulan penyelidikan Advance Control akan mengadakan  sesi perkongsian ilmu pada 13 Feb 2017, Isnin, 12.00 tengahari yang bertempat di B24, Tapak Agrotani, berhadapan Pusat Kesihatan UTM.
    Advance Control research group will conduct a knowledge sharing session on Feb 13, 2017, Monday, 12:00 noon at B24, Agribusiness Site faced UTM Health Centre.
    img-20161115-wa0004 Program tentatif adalah seperti berikut:
    12.00 tghri-Perkongsian ilmu, Penyelidikan & Pertanian-(ACRG)
    1.00 petang-Lawatan oleh Pengurus Besar Pusat Transformasi Luar Bandar-(RTC)
    2.00 petang – Lawatan dari kumpulan usahawan-usahawan sekitar Johor Bahru (15 orang)———————————————————————————————-

    Tentative program is as follows:
    12:00 pm – knowledge-sharing, research and agriculture (ACRG)
    1.00 pm-visit by the General Manager of a Rural Transformation Centre (RTC)
    2.00pm- visit from group of entrepreneurs around Johor Bahru (15 people)

    Selain itu, jualan hasil penyelidikan-rock melon juga akan dijalankan.

    Oleh Dr. Salinda Hj Buyamin, Senior Lecturer
    wakil kump. penyelidikan


    In addition, sales of rock melon (research results) will also be conducted.

    By Dr. Salinda Hj Buyamin, Senior Lecturer
    representative of research group

  • Congratulations to Nur Adila Mohd Razali! She has passed M.Eng VIVA.

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    Congratulations to Nur Adila binti Mohd Razali who has passed her M.Eng VIVA with B2.

    Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr Rosbi Mamat
    Ext Examiner: Assoc. Prof. Dr Junita Mohamad Saleh
    Int. Examiner: Dr. Mohd Amri bin Md Yunus
    Main Supervisor: Dr. Leow Pei Ling
    Co Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ruzairi Bin Abdul Rahim



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