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  • Call for Papers – International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Industrial Applications (AIR2018)

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    AIR2018 is a multi-disciplinary conference that aims to bring together leaders, professionals and researchers in both academia and industry from Malaysia and around the world. The conference is focused on the Manufacturing and Process Engineering sector and promises an innovative twist in its approach. Unlike conventional academic conferences, this event is tailored for participants from both industrial sector as well as academia. As its theme suggests, the overall purpose of AIR2018 is to strengthen the cooperation between universities and industries as well as Smart Manufacturing and Process Engineering. The conference features keynotes by distinguished speakers, plenary sessions and panel discussion by industrial leaders, and a number of paper presentations by the academia that are related to industrial applications.

    The conference shall revolve around the main topic of Smart Manufacturing Technology and Process Engineering. Perspective authors are invited to submit a one-page extended abstract on one of the following tracks through the conference’s website using the following link ( The conference features presentation of papers denoting new product or technologies, sharing of success implementations, and industrial best practice. Submission instructions and the abstract template can also be downloaded from

  • Call for Papers – The 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Engineering (ICEECC 2018)

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    The 3rd International Conference on Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Engineering (ICEECC 2018) will be organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru on 28th-29th November 2018.  The idea of the conference is for the scientists, scholars, engineers and students from Universities all around the world as well as from industry, to present their ongoing research activities. This conference is also served as a good platform to foster research relationship between Universities and industries. ICEECC2018 provide opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations, and to find global partners for future collaboration. The ICEECC2018 is scheduled to take place on 28th -29th November 2018 at the KSL Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

    For more info please visit to

  • 3 UTM graduates launch crowdfunding campaign

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    THEY are degree-graduate students from electronic engineering and mechatronic engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE). The lectures in the faculty has always kept them enthusiastic in the field of engineering.

    (From left) Chik Sheng Fei, Lim Thol Yong and Cheok Ming Jin.

    They participated in UTM Robocon team where it open wide opportunities for them to learn, practice and apply hands-on engineering skills. Together with other participants, their team represented UTM in National Robocon competition in year 2012 and year 2013 where the team emerged as champion.

    Being in an entrepreneurial-conducive environment which UTM has established, there are ample opportunities to enter competitions and to connect with academician entrepreneur. These inspired them to take on the challenges to push their limits.

    They have participated in several competitions along with other participants, they were awarded champion in both Autonomous Hovercraft Competition 2014 and Dreamcatcher Software Hackathon 2015. As well as achieving first runner up in Imagine Cup Malaysia 2014 and Standard Chartered ICT 2014.

    Under the mentorship and encouragement of Dr Yeong Che Fai, they have started their own venture as entrepreneurs. Dr Yeong is Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Electrical Engineering as well as a successful serial entrepreneur who has recently won First Place in pitching in Royal Academy of Engineering’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowships in London.

    They started out to design smart home gadget, where they developed a prototype of smart plug controlled using Bluetooth and a timer which is aimed to save electrical energy of college hostel. They proposed the idea of installing this smart energy-saving system in hostel. However, they later found the installation cost was too high and it’s not practical to be done in small scale.

    Three UTM graduates invented a smart cable and got fully funded on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

    Later, they tried another concept of 360-degree car sensor which was the Final Year Project of one of the co-founder – Lim Thol Yong which has won the Innovate Malaysia competition 2014. The idea is to install sensors around the car for blind spot and upcoming collision detection. They went through several rounds and pitched the idea to Cradle, but were rejected due to end-user installation barrier and car warranty issues.

    They refused to give up, on the very same day of rejection, they identified another problem out of their own frustration, which is the overnight charging issue.

    They bring forth their idea and participated in i-MSC Startup Challenge 2015. They seek market validation from phone users and retailers, and identified the problems related to charging and they continue to develop the prototype. They went through several rounds of competition and finally emerged as champion in the competition.

    They pitched their startup idea to Cradle, and after several rounds of screening, they secured the Cradle CIP150 fund in June 2016. Since then, they have been constantly developing and testing the prototype. The charging cable is designed to stop power supply completely once it detects the smartphone battery is fully charged, to avoid prolonged charging which causes the battery degradation to happen quicker.

    The challenge they face however is that some people mistaken that the phone can cut off the power supply completely, while in reality, Li-ion or Li Po battery which powers most of the phones in the market today, enters ‘trickle charge’ when battery is full, which cuts off at 100% but it recharges when battery level drops. This process continues until the power source is removed. Keeping phone battery at its max capacity for a prolonged period hasten battery degradation over time, which is why experts advise battery to be best stored at 50% capacity if it will be left unused for long period.

    Charby Sense helps smartphone users to prevent that by cutting off the power supply completely after the battery is fully charged. The cable also has several smart features such as charging speed detection, speed booster, and it is reinforced with Kevlar fiber for extra durability. Charby Sense was launched on Indiegogo on December 5, 2017, and it was fully funded in just 18 hours. (

    They also developed two other complete prototype products, Charby Connect and Charby Battery app which they plan to launch in year 2018. The Charby Connect is a smart cable which provides a complete battery care system and the Battery App is a battery management app for users to optimize battery life and update themselves about battery health.

    Now, the team are constantly looking for support, so that they can grow their business and continue to share their invention to benefit more people worldwide. They also hope to be able to inspire more young entrepreneurs to take the leap and together build the nation’s economy.

  • FKE Student Team ranked in the Top 2 of Imagine Cup Malaysia Pitch Day 2017

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    KUALA LUMPUR, 21 December 2017 – Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) student team from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) ranked in the top 2 of Imagine Cup Malaysia Pitch Day and won the entrance ticket for TechMatch ASEAN, which is a 2-day pitch marathon that connects 40 top ASEAN-based start-up and scale-up teams with a group of corporate investors, venture capitalists and business angels from Silicon Valley.

    Zalina Abdul Halim from Microsoft presented prizes to winners.

    Imagine Cup Malaysia Pitch Day 2017 was held on 9th December in Microsoft Malaysia Office, Menara 3 Petronas, Kuala Lumpur.

    The winning team, named “JOY”, comprised of three FKE students, who were Tan Pei Seng, Goh Kai Woon and Lee Chee Heng under the guidance of Dr. Yeong Che Fai.

    Among 20 teams from 10 local and private universities in Malaysia, Team “JOY” successfully won the judges over with the title called “Development of ‘Joy’, An Elderly Care Robot”.

    With the machine vision system and voice communication system, “Joy” will be able to reduce the loneliness of the elderly as well as assist the nurses in the elderly care centre.

    In addition, “Joy” will be always connected to the cloud for storing the information of the elderly and this information can be accessed remotely by the medical staff.

  • Dr Yeong Che Fai wins first place in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowships

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    JOHOR BAHRU, 18 December 2017 – Ending a year end by winning a reputable award is a great moment. For Dr Yeong Che Fai, the year 2017 is full of sweet memories. He won several awards in national and international competition and exhibition.

    Dr Yeong showing his certificate in London.

    An academician from Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) stand tall after grabbing first place in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowships final pitch session 2017/18 sponsored by Newton – Ungku Omar Fund.

    Dr Yeong Che Fai won the first place presenting his research product Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2) to improve stroke rehabilitation.

    The product has underwent clinical trial and currently sold to China.

    Dr Yeong is a serial entrepreneur and has mentored and collaborated with several start-ups and companies in entrepreneurship world such as,,,,, and

    Most interestingly, his wife Dr Eileen Su Lee Ming from FKE, UTM has won this award in February early this year.(

    The Royal Academy of Engineering’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowships final pitch session 2017/18 is a tough competition as only 15 academic staffs being shortlisted in Malaysia for this prestigious two weeks programming running from 4th to 15th December 2017.

    This program was jointly organised by The Malaysian Industry – Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) and the Royal Academy of Engineering and co-sponsored by Newton Fund and Ungku Omar Fund.

    One of the main criteria is the product must has high commercial potential. This program ran concurrently with participants from Mexico and Vietnam.

    Besides Dr Yeong, two others staffs from UTM were Associate Professor Dr Hazlina Selamat for her project Ekso-C: A Smart Exoskeleton System for Oil Palm Harvesting and Associate Professor Ir Dr Sharifah Hafizah Syed Ariffin for her research project Wireless Water Quality Clound Monitoring System.

    Dr Yeong’s passion is to bring research to commercialisation which he thinks is very important to country economy.

    He has won many innovation awards, more than 50 awards since 2002 such as British Invention Show, Korean Inventor Award, Philips Young Inventor Challenge, MaGIC e@Standord, Robofest, MOHE Best Mentorship Award and APICTA.

    In 2010 when Dr Yeong came back from Imperial College after finishing his PhD, he thought he needs to do something more rather than just winning innovation competition. He wants to commercialise the research product.

    He has since then established several award winning start up companies such as and The journey was not easy and full with challenges. As an academic,

    Dr Yeong needs to learn about business while serving responsibilities as academic. During these 5 years of journey, Dr Yeong has equipped with knowledge in both world, academic and entrepreneurship. He has since then mentoring some students for entrepreneurship as well as establish collaboration between UTM and Industries.

    This notable achievement shows UTM in the right direction in commercialising research products.

  • FKE Students Won in The Great Lab (TGL) 2017

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    JOHOR BAHRU, 25 November 2017 – The Great Lab (TGL) is a student-led initiative to gather industrial problem statements from science, technology and engineering companies, and challenge all Malaysians to solve them. This has been initiated by Collaborative Research in Engineering Science and Technology (CREST). A group of student from FKE has won the Grand Design Challenge in the event.


    The team comprised 5 FKE students, namely, Jason Lim Ji Chen, Teh Zhi Huei, Chin Linn Kern, Chin Hung Wei and Tay Yee Yang, with Dr Yeong Che Fai acting as the team’s advisor.

  • FKE Student Team won IOT Hack UTM 2017

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    JOHOR BAHRU, 23 November 2017 – An FKE student team has won the grand prize for the degree category at the IOT Hack UTM 2017. The winning team, named ‘RD360’ won the judges over with their product called “MESO”, which functions as a machinery diagnosis and predictive maintenance system. 


    The team comprised 5 FKE students, namely, Jason Lim Ji Chen, Teh Zhi Huei, Chin Linn Kern, Chin Hung Wei and Tay Yee Yang, with Dr Yeong Che Fai acting as the team’s advisor.
    IOT Hack UTM 2017 is a competition organised by UTM Centre For Student Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship (UTMXCITE) and is to fuel the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among UTM students.

    The competition took place beginning in early October 2017 where each team was given a one-and-a-half-month period to produce products or services that deployed the ‘Internet of Things’ elements (IoT). Additionally, they also need to emphasize the aspects of product availability or services developed for the market. Each team has been evaluated in terms of products or services, the technology used and the readiness of the product in the market.

    A total of 13 teams have competed in the semi-finals where only 6 teams have been selected to the final. All teams participating in the program consist of Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FKM), Faculty of Computer (FC), Faculty of Bioscience and Medicine (FBME) and Faculty of Architecture (FAB). The teams are RD 360, Ad Libitum, Tensor Flow, Xenon, Chloring and SecurSightLine. However, based on Augmented Reality Predictive Maintenance System, MESO successfully to bring RD 360 team to achieved as the champion of the IOT Competition 2017.

    With the high degree of the data analysis on cloud based on the real-time industry machinery data, MESO can helps the industry practitioner in diagnosis and predictive faults maintenance. And, the Remote Augmented Reality Maintenance System function significantly ease the technicians and vendor in troubleshooting machinery problem and increase the efficiency. Thus, in the Revolution of Industry 4.0, MESO will definitely play an outstanding role in the future industry.