Division of Communication Engineering

Undergraduate Study

The undergraduate degree offered by the School of Electrical Engineering, UTM is distinctive in that it allows for students to explore and master two different fields at once namely electronics and communication or power and communication. This could be achieved through the enrollment in Bachelor of Electric Engineering (Electrical – Electronics) [SKEL] in combination with subjects on communications as the elective in year 3 and 4 of their studies. The same case could thusly be applied to students registered under the Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) [SKEE] whereby they are poised to master both the fields of power and communication by taking communication electives in year 3 and 4.

The programmes are conducted as mentioned in assurance of students’ eligibility for professional certification namely Ir. after completion of their studies and obtaining sufficient working experience in the specified fields.

Moreover, the continuous exposure of students towards the field of communication during their degree also form a perfect stepping stone should they decide to deepen their knowledge through the pursuance of Masters and PhD respectively.