Panel Responsibility

As a panel, you will be assigned approximately 11 or 12 project & poster evaluation per session.

All projects and posters are evaluated using common criteria and indicators of success. By using the provided rubric, panels are asked to gvie a score for each criterion on a scale statted in the evaluation form.

The evaluation form (FYP2-4) can be downloaded from here.

Each evaluation session is assigned to three panels. An average of the three scores is calculated.

In appreciation of your contribution, panels will receive a certificate of appreciation to the panels and their university/institution after the showcase.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission
24th April 2016

Supervisor Approval Submission
8th May 2016

Acceptance Notification
10th May 2016

24th May 2016

Final Paper Submission for Jurnal Elektrika
30th May 2016

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