Poster Guidelines


All presenters in EESS2016 will follow a poster-style format. Each participant is provided a partition board to pin their posters and a table and power socket to place their product or demonstration. The poster-style expo entails that participants and guests are free to interact informally. Judging panels can also interact and ask questions informally. Judging criteria is based mainly on the poster design, product/research demonstration and presentation style.


A poster is an abstract. The mistake most frequently made is to put too much information on your poster. Your poster should be an eye-catcher, containing a brief message, understood at a glance.

Design of the Poster Layout

All posters must clearly indicate project number, tittle, student’s name and supervisor’s name. The content of the poster must include abstract, background of project, approach, results and conclusion. The design of your poster must be on an A1 Sheet (594 x 841mm).


Use colour for a logo or a picture. Avoid coloured background. In the body of the poster, only use a support colour to group information that belongs together.

Text Size

Must be easily readable.

Style and Type

Use one or at most two fonts. Only use Bold, CAPITALS or Italic when it absolutely cannot be avoided.


Only use pictures or other illustrations as an eye-catcher or when necessary to understand your message. Avoid unnecessary details on the picture.

Criteria of the Good Poster Clarity

Is the poster’s key message immediately clear to the reader? Usually, people can remember a mean of seven items, plus or minus two. Be on the safe side, and list no more than five items. If you must address more than five items, group and categorise them into a tree-structure with headings and subheadings.


Every word on the poster should be relevant to the poster. Omit sidelines, a poster is an abstract.


Every word on the poster should be necessary to understand the poster’s message. The information should be as limited as possible.


The poster should look nice and inviting. It must attract attention and its appearance must not distract from the message. Simplicity is usually the best.


The lettering should be large, also for older viewers standing at a distance of 1 – 2 metres. It is tempting to reduce the front size to allow for more information on the poster, but this will discourage passers-by.

Poster template can be downloaded, please click here to download.

*Note: Poster template provided is for guide purpose. You may design as creative as you can as long EESS2016 and UTM logo are in the poster.

**Note: Poster printing is under your own expenses (you may claim from your supervisors).

Important Dates

Abstract Submission
24th April 2016

Supervisor Approval Submission
8th May 2016

Acceptance Notification
10th May 2016

24th May 2016

Final Paper Submission for Jurnal Elektrika
30th May 2016

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