GuardExpert PRO: Application-centric IoT solution for Guard Touring System

Amirul Hazeim Faizul, Rozeha A. Rashid


Internet of Things (IoT) technology promotes remote data acquisition and device control across wireless network infrastructure and is a catalyst for increasing internet-connected applications. This paper presents the development of an IoT based application for a guard touring system (GTS). A traditional GTS lacks real-time functionalities such as data upload, multitasking, summon features as well as competitive pricing. It is proven that the developed IoT based GTS, which consists of an Android application, web browser and cloud database, enables easy deployment and monitoring of guard’s patrolling activities. The performance analysis shows that the accuracy for Global Positioning System (GPS) location tracking has by default a 68% confidence level within a set geo-fencing radius of 25 meters while the end-to-end delay is about one minute over cellular and Wi-Fi networks from a test run within UTM campus.


Internet of Things (IoT); Near Field Communication (NFC); Graphical User Interface (GUI); Guard Touring System (GTS); Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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