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About Lab:

Electrotechnics Laboratory was located under the Electrical Power Engineering Department (POWER)  to provide second-year experiments especially for those taken the Electrical Power Engineering Programme. This lab currently supervised by Ir. Dr. Jasrul Jamani Bin Jamian as Lab Academic Coordinator.

An Assistant Engineer has been positioned to ensure the smoothness of the lab operations. This website provides a brief information required by the students. This website hopefully can guide the students in preparing their experiments and getting the useful references.

The purpose of this web to guide the student those taken the Bachelor Of Electrical Engineering Course (SEE) in preparing their experiment and as a reference before the lab sessions.

News Update :

All experiments during this movement control order will be based on online learning. Starting this Wednesday, April 29, 2020, you can download the new timetable and all the informations on the tab "Download materials".

Please complete your pre-lab(Group) and simulation (Group) before the laboratory starts.

Lab Technician Mr. Muhammad Zaim 0132217499

Electrotechnics Laboratory

P07-417, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

81310 Johor Bahru

Contact Person:

Lab Head:
Ir. Dr. Syed Norazizul Bin Syed Nasir
Email:  syednorazizul@fke.utm.my
Phone: +607-55+60137985894
Assistant Engineer
Muhammad Zaim Bin Hashim
Email:  zaim@fke.utm.my
Phone: 075535256
Lab location : P07-417

Any Inquiries

Facility Manager
Dr. Kamaludin Bin Mohamad Yusof

Assistant Engineer
Mrs.Norlela Bt. Saihen

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