MNMarsono Muhammad Nadzir Marsono, PhD, PEng, CEng
Division of Electronic and Computer Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Teaching and Talks

My current research interests are in network  algorithmics and domain-specific reconfigurable computing.

My current network processing algorithmic research focuses in specialized hardware architecture and network algorithmics for high-throughput packet and flow processing. We are also working on dynamically reconfigurable platform for middlebox, fog and edge computing, software-defined networking, and teletraffic engineering.
Some research keywords: middlebox architecture, dynamic runtime reconfiguration, netFPGA, data stream mining, traffic classification, machine learning, teletraffic, software-defined network

My current domain-specific reconfigurable computing research focuses in multicore/manycore system-on-chip, network-on-chip, design space exploration, mapping, and prototyping of the homogeneous and heterogeneous manycore SoC. A prototype of FPGA-based MPSoC called ProNoC has been realized to allow fast application NoC-based MPSOC prototyping on FPGA.
Some research keywords: multicore/manycore system-on-chip, task scheduling/migration, application mapping, thermal management, design space exploration, network-on-chip.

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