Advanced Control Research Group (ACRG)

Our Research


Current Projects
  1. Analysis of Environment Factors for Mushroom Cultivation using Online Management System
  2. Development of Hydrocarbon Gas Detector.
  3. Adaptive Irrigation Control for High Water Saving Agriculture.
  4. Adaptive Command Shaping for Flexible Dynamic Systems.
  5. Position and Sway Control of Crane Systems.
    International (University)

  1. Prof. Bijnan B, IIT India
  2. Prof. MO Tokhi, Univ. of Sheffield UK
  3. Prof. GP Liu, Univ. of South Wales UK
  4. Prof. BM Chen, NUS Singapore
  5. Prof. B Subudhi, NIT India
    Local (Company)

  1. Enersave Sdn Bhd
  2. Orca Creation Sdn Bhd
  1. FRGS (MOHE)
  2. ERGS (MOHE)
  3. PPRN (MOHE)
  4. ScienceFund (MOSTI)
  5. GUP (UTM)