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ATT Seminar No.2 Vol. 2017

Title: Parameter Estimation of Collaborative Beamforming (CB) Nodes
By: Dauda Umar Suleiman

The presentation discusses on the two major parameter estimation in the collaborative beamforming (CB) network. Firstly, the frequency and phase estimation of a complex signal in the receiver node. The proposed estimation algorithm is compared with those of major literature for simulated and then used for the experimental case. The experimental complex signal after CB convergence was obtained and used offline for validation of the algorithm. Secondly, the complex feedback signal from the receiver node in burst tones is estimated. This feedback message signal contains universal software radio peripheral (USRP) local oscillator (LO) frequency and phase offsets that need to be estimated and compensated for before the next beamforming time slot is reached.

Date: Thursday, 02 March 2017
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Venue: UTM-MIMOS in Telecommunication Technology Lab




ATT Seminar No.1 Vol. 2017

Title: A mixed model of user-history based prediction for femtocells mobilty management in 5 G
By: SafaElhadi Abdalsamad Abdalla

Date: Thursday, 19 January 2017
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Venue: UTM-MIMOS Lab


ATT Seminar No.2 Vol. 2016

Knowledge sharing 1:
Title: Collaborative Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks: Practical Implementation
By: Dauda Umar Suleiman

Knowledge sharing 2:
Title: Handover Algorithm based VLP using Mobility Prediction Database for Vehicular Network
By: Arfah Ahmad Hasbollah

Date: Thursday, 8 Disember2016
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Venue: UTM-MIMOS Lab


ATT Seminar No.1 Vol. 2016

Knowledge sharing 1:
Title: Tutorial on Cognitive Radio
By: Dr. Mohd Adib bin Sarijari

Knowledge sharing 2:
Title: Energy Detector Spectrum Sensing using Software Radio Peripheral
By: Mr. Eberechukwu N. Paulson

Date: Wednesday, 23 November
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Venue: UTM-MIMOS Lab

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