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Electrical Engineering Capstone Showcase 2017

Electrical Engineering Capstone Showcase 2017 or better known as EECS2017 is a pioneer final year student exhibition day organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE). A combination of several existing exhibition days from the faculty; MIRCED, ECEX, TED and POWEX, EECS2017 is a perfect fusion of the current and burgeoning electrical research areas in Malaysia hence providing a medium to showcase the students’ research ideas in the faculty. EECS2017 is a day of appreciation and a well-earned recognition to our final year students in their relentless efforts in perfecting their projects. By participating, students gain valuable experience presenting their work and interacting with the public. Additionally, deans, supervisors, staff, administrators, and alumni members serving as judges will actively encourage student participation. EECS2017 also fosters the mentoring relationship among students and their advisors and professors. With the involvement from industrial panels, students will be exposed to the harsh but true reality of the workplace requirements. Simultaneously, it is anticipated that an entrepreneurial culture will be induced among students as well as the faculty researchers. The exhibition is expected to be an inspiration to the students who wish to extend their research experience to a higher level. The exhibition will provide the students with a rare opportunity to harness their talents which is desirable in their working life.

Our Objectives

To provide a platform for final year students to display their research projects through poster presentation and hardware demonstration

To create awareness among students about the undergraduate and postgraduate research and development (RnD) activities in the faculty.

To promote industry involvement in the activities in the institutions of higher learning, hence, exchange valuable feedbacks that can enhance the learning.

To inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship among the members of the technology by providing the exposure to the needs of industry and business.

To expose publication culture among postgraduate students in Faculty of Electrical Engineering by publishing the selected works into Jurnal Teknologi which is a Scopus indexed journal.

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-- Important Dates: --

11 December 2017